Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Our Trip

In an effort to get caught up... here are the highlights of our Christmas "vacation" in one sentence per day:

Friday, December 16th:  After Tracey attended preschool, we headed to Denver and spent the night in a hotel, ready to fly out at 7am the next morning.

Saturday, December 17th:  Our flight was canceled due to weather in St. Louis, and snow in Denver so we hunkered down at the hotel, grateful not to be stuck in an airport and Hubby's truck broke down in the Denver snow.

Sunday, December 18th: Caught a 5:30am flight out of Denver and arrived in St. Louis just in time to go to church to watch our youngest nephew be dedicated.

Monday, December 19th: Had professional family pictures taken and exchanged Christmas gifts with the immediate family.

Tuesday, December 20th:  Went to see Hubby's paternal grandfather who is not doing well and got the estimate back on what it was going to cost, and how long it would take to fix the truck -- it was not pretty.

Wednesday, December 21st:  Took the kids to the mall and then out to see Hubby's maternal grandparents.

Thursday, December 22nd: All went out to breakfast and tried to decide what we would do regarding the truck and fixing it and getting ourselves home.

Friday, December 23rd: (The day we were supposed to fly back to Colorado) Tracey and Caroline awoke with the stomach bug and Hubby flew back to Colorado by himself.

Saturday, December 24th: Nursed a still sick Tracey and Caroline while Hubby drove from Rifle back to St. Louis and participated in zero traditional Christmas Eve activities.
Sunday, December 25th: Hubby arrived back from Rifle with our van, I awoke with the stomach bug and Santa Claus found us despite our ill health.

Monday, December 26th: Hubby battled the stomach bug and searched for possible vehicles for us to buy.

Tuesday, December 27th: The entire family came down with pink eye, but felt relatively on the mend from the stomach bug, so, Hubby and I test drove a suburban in St. Louis and almost bought it.

Wednesday, December 28th:  Felt like our family was on the up-swing, found a vehicle to buy in Michigan, visited Hubby's grandfather who had been admitted to the hospital and celebrated the twins' first birthday with the St. Louis family.

Thursday, December 29th: Spent time with Hubby's grandparents' and packed to leave for Michigan where we drove overnight Thursday to Friday while the children slept.

Friday, December 30th: Arrived in Michigan at 6:15am local time, spent the day with my parents, traded in our van, bought a suburban, and left for St. Louis at 7:15pm where we arrived around 2:00am Saturday.  Forgive me for a second sentence here -- we literally hung out in Michigan for one day.

Saturday, December 31st: Arrived in St. Louis at 2:00am and spent the day trying to rest and fighting a sore throat, cold, and cough, then left St. Louis to drive to Colorado at 8:00pm.

Sunday, January 1st: TWINS FIRST BIRTHDAY!  Arrived in Limon, Colorado around 7:00am and let the kids stretch their legs while we visited with friends, picked up Hubby's truck, and pulled in our beautiful driveway at 2:00pm Mountain Time and picked up our dog from the dog-sitters at 5:00pm.

Monday, January 2nd: Celebrated Christmas by opening all the packages Christmas cards that were waiting here for us, and tried to take it easy. 

May I please have a vacation to recover from my vacation?

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