Wednesday, January 11, 2017

10 On 10

10 Pictures Taken On The 10th

 Playing with Christmas toys... the tunnel is a huge hit

But where was Howard?  He found Lexie and Mama's harp.

Howard's favorite game is playing catch... and sometimes Tracey plays with him.  It is so sweet!

Practicing basketball for our future team.

All three babies napping at the same time, so I folded laundry

I love my coffee mug

Lexie tends to find me when the babies are sleeping because she wants some attention.

This is what our new Burb (suburban) looks like on the inside -- middle row of seats, two carseats, one toddler seat.  Back row of seats unused at the moment... but there for when we need them. We all headed to the dentist!

The dentist office had some great toys!

This was Tracey's second trip the dentist, and she did pretty well with the hygienist and dentist. 

Dinner time for my favorite one-year-olds -- and our clean house means that our cleaning gal came today!!

Upstairs for a bath!

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