Monday, January 2, 2017

Home and One

I don't even know where to begin in explaining the last 16 days of 2016... so I will talk about the first day of 2017, which was our sweet twins first birthdays.

We were able to celebrate with our St. Louis family a few days ago, and yesterday our celebration was arriving home from our 16 day trip (which was supposed to last 5 days).

I don't know if home has ever felt so good.

I have so much to write about -- highlights of 2016, a one year post about our sweet twins, posts about our Christmas, our time in St. Louis, our time in Michigan, the twins' birthday party in St. Louis... but all of that will have to wait.

For now... we are home.  We are so happy.  
We drove 2300 miles in 3 days with our 3 children 
(and by children, I mean two babies and one toddler).
We are tired. 

And for now, here are some pictures too good not to share immediately:

And remember this picture taken just over a year ago:

 Here is its one-year-old counterpart:


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