Thursday, January 12, 2017

Delayed Christmas Outfit Pictures

As I've said before, our Christmas break did not go according to plan.  That has been established.

In that same vein, we were supposed to light the Advent Candles at church on Christmas Eve.  I was really excited about that.  I was also excited about our whole family being dressed up in Christmas outfits and taking a nice family picture in our nice Holiday apparel -- its a great tradition, and sometimes creates a great picture.

Here was our Christmas Eve family picture from 2015 and its one of my favorite pictures of life pre-twins:

There was no Christmas Eve picture from 2016 because Hubby was on the road, and I was taking care of two children with the stomach flu (little did I know, within hours I would be likewise afflicted) and we had been quarantined from the rest of our family.

We DID finally make it to church in our Christmas outfits on January 8 and we got the sibling pictures and family pictures with everyone in their Christmas outfits... well Hubby wasn't really in a Christmas outfit... but he was there smiling.  :-D

It really made me happy to have the kiddos wear these outfits relatively close to Christmas before they outgrown them.

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