Thursday, January 5, 2017


So, a few days ago I wrote about our Christmas break and how we were not where we thought we would be, we were sick, and we were not at home.

I love our home.  I still look around our home, on a pretty regular basis, and I cannot believe it is our home.  Not only does it have the space for our family, but it is beautiful, it is ours, it is comfortable, and it has some features that were just bonuses (like the bathtub in the master bathroom).

I was excited for over a week spent at home during our Christmas break, but I didn't realize exactly how much I wanted to be at home until I finally made it home... and now, I am cherishing the little beautiful parts of being here.

  •  Every room is relatively baby/toddler proofed.
  • Every bathroom is potty-training equipped.
  • I know what is in the refrigerator because I stocked it
  • I get to sleep in the master bedroom
  • The master bedroom has a bathroom attached to it
  • The dog and the cat hair is from my dog and my cat 
  • I know where the secret candy stash is because its my secret candy stash
  • When Hubby and I are laying down the law for our kids, there are no other adults around
  • There is a ROUTINE for our kids because we create the routine and we can enforce the routine
  • I know where the diapers and wipes are kept on every floor 
This list could go on forever... but even though we are full-steam back to work, back to school, back to everything, I am SO GLAD to be home.
If I could give our house a gigantic hug right now, I would.

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