Sunday, January 22, 2017

Nursing Wallhangings

I never took great pride in the nurseries I created for my babies.  When Tracey was born, we lived in a two bedroom rental house, and one bedroom was our master bedroom, and one bedroom was our guestroom.  The nursery was our guestroom until Tracey was about 8 months old.  When I finally created a nursery, it was cute, it was fine... but it wasn't a massive labor of love full of pintrest crafts and gender-specific curtains and painted walls.  I have LOVED my newborns, but the measure of that love is not reflected in the perfectly executed nursery.

Then, when the twins were born, we had just moved into our new home, and we didn't know if we were having boys or girls -- their nursery took some time.  Even now, it's a simple nursery -- white walls, brown drapes (that were there when we moved in), two cribs, one chair, one bookshelf, one dresser, and several carefully chosen pictures and wall decorations.

All of that said, each child does have two frames hanging above their beds of which I am very proud.

Tracey's bed:

Caroline's bed:

Howard's bed:

I always wanted to find a picture frame that would allow me to display how my babies changed each month for their first year, but I wanted the pictures to be square, not rounded.  I have seen many picture frames with circular frames to display children's pictures, and they just look a little weird -- the baby's round face takes up the entire frame, and you can't really see how the whole baby changes each month.  It took until Tracey was 18 months old for me to find a frame display I liked... and I am SO glad I waited so I could get exactly what I wanted.

In finding the beautiful twelve-month picture display I wanted, I also found a sweet hand-and-foot print display that I bought for each child as well.  So, above each of our children's beds hangs two framed pictures -- one showing their picture and prints as a newborn, and one showing their growth progression over their first year of life.

I LOVE these two artifacts that I've done for each of my children and seeing them on their bedroom walls brings me joy every day.

Now, I will admit, since Tracey was 18 months when I bought these frames, I had to copy her hand and foot prints from her baby book... and they were pressed over the words "hand-and-foot prints" in the baby book, so they are not perfect.  But, it was either copy the prints from her baby book, or take hand and foot prints of a nearly 2-year-old, and I opted for the newborn prints.

Now that the twins are both over one year of age, all the frames are complete, and I can officially share these beautiful wall hangings:

Tracey Ann

 Caroline Christine:

Howard James:

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