Sunday, January 15, 2017

Great Picture

Since my birthday was on a Friday, I was very lucky that the celebrating carried over to the weekend as well.

The plan was for our whole crew to take Tracey to school Friday morning and then Hubby, twins, Grammie, Papa, and I would all head to breakfast.  Then Hubby had to track down a UPS package... and we realized birthday breakfast would be more fun with Tracey, and so we postponed the breakfast until Saturday morning.

Breakfast was fun, with only a few times of Tracey running around the table (something we try to discourage while eating out).

After breakfast, our waitress took this picture of our crew, and I really like it.  It is pretty rare that we get a group picture, and even less often that we get a group picture where everyone is looking at the camera, most of the family is smiling, and the kids are in relatively clean, nice outfits.

I'm going to love this picture for a long time.

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