Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Power of Motherhood

Its no secret that I'm an emotional person.  If you've followed this blog with any regularity you've probably noticed this for yourself.

I'm not sure if it goes along with my being emotional or if its my artistic nature (music major in college) but I have a tendency to make some silly things out to be much deeper than intended.

Now that I am home with my little ones most of the time, sometimes the things to which I am applying deeper meaning are made for children.

For example, The Lion Guard.

If you had asked me 6 months ago, I would have had no idea what The Lion Guard was.  If you had told me that it is a show that airs on the Disney Channel, I would have said, "Are you sure you don't mean The Lion King?"

But no, The Lion Guard is for the next generation and it is about Simba's son.  He and a group of other animals are the Lion Guard who sort of save the day in the pride lands.  They work together to keep the peace sort of like a police force.

I have always loved the music of The Lion King -- both the Disney movie, and the Broadway show has phenomenal music and the beat and the melodic and harmonic themes have always struck a very poignant cord in me.

It should not surprise me then that the opening credits to The Lion Guard impress me every time I see them.  If Tracey is watching the show, I literally stop what I am doing to watch the minute of opening credits if at all possible.

The credits has great music and shows each of the animal members of the Lion Guard participating in policing the Sahara.  Then, the final scene is the whole Lion Guard -- all six or so of them gathered on Pride Rock, overlooking the Pride Lands with watchful eyes over the ground below... and then the lion (Simba's son) roars...

And when this little lion cub roars, all of the clouds become lions and roar with him.

That is the magic of the lion guard... when the cub needs them, the power of his lion forefathers help them.

Every time I see these opening credits, I see the power of motherhood.  I'm not sure how the Disney channel would feel about this... or how the little boy who plays the voice of the lion cub would feel about my symbolism... but this opening segment is the perfect representation of motherhood.

Depending on the mother, she might not appear all that tough.  She appear be small, or plump, or tired, or a little dazed... but her ever watchful eyes are always on her children... and when her children need her, she calls forth the power of all mothers that have gone before her.  The adrenaline and strength that a mother calls forth when the situation warrants it is the most powerful force in the world... just like The Lion Guard.

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