Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Snap Crackle Pop

Hubby and I are not really into trends -- well, as I type that I'm wondering how honest of a statement it is because Hubby if VERY into new technology... possibly even trendy technology... but I digress.

Generally speaking, Hubby and I are not into trends -- ESPECIALLY fashion trends.  We each have figured out what sort of look/wardrobe that we have decided to wear on a daily basis and that's not likely to change regardless of what anyone -- from VOGUE to CABELA's says is "in."  If I had to describe our combined style in one word -- everything from casual clothes, to work clothes, to fancy clothes, to hairstyles, I would choose CLASSIC.

I know, when you think of two thirty-something educators with three kids two and under in Colorado, you think Fashion Hot Spot... but really we keep it simple and classic.

Hubby and I occasionally notice trends in style and/or fashion if for no other reason than we work with middle schools, but we remain pretty oblivious.

One fad that has not escaped our notice are recent men's hair cuts that are sort of clean cut... but with a little too much hair.  The hair looks as though it is a classic gentleman's hair cut... but then there's this puff of a little too much hair that has to be styled.  John Luke Robertson had this sort of hair cut for his wedding... and some of the recent men on The Bachelorette are sporting similar styles.

Whenever I see this kind of hair cut it really makes me want to eat some rice krispies... because I think this haircut originated with Snap Crackle and Pop.

Can you see the similarities?

I seriously laugh every time I see one of these haircuts on a guy because their head just becomes a Snap Crackle Pop cartoon to me.


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