Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cooking Show

Hubby and I enjoy different types of cooking shows... many are cooking competitions.

I think I have a new pitch for a competitive cooking show on The Food Network.

You must make dinner for a toddler and two adults with two babies in your arms.  Howard and Caroline have both been more clingy than usual lately, which inspired my idea.  However you hold the two babies is up to you -- sling, backpack, wrap... but both babies have to be on your person, and not crying while you cook.

Also, the dinner you make for the toddler has to be eaten by the toddler -- so it has to be tasty, fun, and pretty enough for her consumption.

Things to keep in mind:
  • Just because the toddler loved something yesterday does not mean she will eat it today
  • Points will be deducted if either of the babies are burned, jostled, or startled in your cooking process
  • Extra points will be awarded if you do not give the toddler a hotdog for dinner 
  • Unexpected challenges might include, but are not limited to the doorbell ringing at any moment sending the dog into fits of protective barking (which will scare both babies and the todder), your phone ringing at any time, the babies blowing out a messy diaper at any time, or the toddler spilling foor or drink either accidentally or purposefully...
Let the competition begin...

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