Friday, May 6, 2016

The Memories

My parents have been here the past two weeks to enable me to teach students and work eleven of the past twelve days.

Hubby and I have decided to settle out West, away from our families, and we love this small town that we now call home, but it makes us ardently appreciate the little sweet memories we are able to make with our families when they visit.

With two four-month olds, and one two-year-old, there were many crazy, happy, silly times... but a few things I want to remember include:

All going to get ice cream cones on a beautiful Spring day a few days ago with a high in the mid-70s

Walking into Grammie and Papa's room after work to find that Tracey had been performing "5 Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed" repeatedly for over 30 minutes by jumping near the bed, falling on the floor, pretending to bonk her head, running over to Papa (who was the doctor), letting Papa examine her head and tell her she'd be fine, then run back to her jumping spot next to the bed and repeat the whole thing

Attending a local track meet with our whole crew, and watching my parents wear both Howard and Caroline in baby wraps so that I could chase after Tracey Ann

Getting up in the morning to find out that Grammie and Tracey had been up since 5:15am and had handed Papa his watch and glasses, made coffee, had some breakfast, and were watching Curious George together.

Watching both my parents literally have their arms full of grandchildren upwards of 12 hours a day every day.

Hearing my dad sing old songs to Howard and Caroline while they coo-ed and blew bubbles along with him.

Watching Tracey Ann take my mom's hand and say, "Com, Gay-ee" (Come on, Grammie!) to insist that Grammie participate in whatever she is doing.

Watching Tracey and Grammie play basketball and soccer in the backyard while Papa bounces the babies in their bouncy chairs.

Such simple things, but things that I do not get to see very often.  When we only see my parents every few months, our children change drastically every time we see them, and so the next time we get together will be full of sweet memories -- but different memories because the children will be doing new and different things.

Bob Hope is famous for saying (and singing), "Thanks for the memories..." and he was so wise, because memories really are some of the most precious gifts anyone can give or receive.

 So, Grammie and Papa -- thank you for the childcare... but more importantly, thanks for the memories.

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