Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 1

Today is the day I celebrate my sweet Lexie's birthday.

Only God knows when she was born... and God does know when she was born, but all I know is when she found me in early June 2008 -- June 7th-ish maybe?, the vet estimated she was about six weeks old.  May 1 worked for me as a birthday.

So today, she's around 8 years old.

My sweet kitty who was the first of my dreams come true.

I dreamed of having several/many children.
I dreamed of becoming a mother.
I dreamed of owning a home.
I dreamed of getting a puppy.
I dreamed of being a wife to a wonderful man.
I dreamed of getting married.
I dreamed of falling madly in love -- the kind of love that becomes a marriage and endures the test of time.
I dreamed of moving to Colorado.
I dreamed of getting a kitten, who was my kitten, my first baby, to be with me to see all the subsequent dreams come true.

Lexie was my first dream come true... and she has witnessed all the subsequent other dreams come true.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Lexie. 


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