Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pre-Twins Bucket List

A few days ago I called a friend of mine who has twins this past summer to talk about the final few weeks of pregnancy.  She made it all the way to 38 weeks, plus one of her twins was smaller than the other, so they actually changed her 38 week due date mid-pregnancy to account for the smaller twin.  So, she was induced at 38 weeks, but about ten days later than her original 38 week due date.

As I mentioned in the post yesterday, I seem to be a little bipolar these days and some moments I feel like I really can hang in for the duration of this pregnancy, and I am really am sincerely glad that the babies are still growing and developing... and then a few minutes later I am full of self-doubt and overwhelmed at the idea of carrying the twins for a few more weeks.  This is a lot like running a marathon -- physically, I can do this.  Physically, if I couldn't do this, I would have give birth already.  The battle is mental.

So, I called my friend to ask how she, mentally, made it all the way to her 38 week induction date.

She recommended that I spend these last days or weeks really enjoying the time I have before two babies are in the picture.  She said I should do things I really enjoy and just cherish the time before my time is not my own.

I thought this was good advice and so I began to think about things that would be on my "Pre-Twins Bucket List."  Then, a few minutes later, I was doubled over in laughter because most of the things on my "Pre-Twins Bucket List" I cannot do because I am pregnant with twins.

My Pre-Twins Bucket List:
  • Go for runs
  • Make the most of the my time with Tracey Ann as the only child by building forts, playing out in the snow, getting down on her level to play, and doing special activities
  • Frantically settle into our home and move and unpack any and all of the boxes left to be unpacked
  • Go up to the new Glenwood Springs hot springs pools that opened over the summer and I haven't seen yet
  • Sleep soundly and through the night and sleep in every morning
  • Cook lots of meals for our freezer
  • Stay up late with Hubby watching fun movies and staring at our beautiful Christmas tree
The truth is, that would have to be my bucket list if I were not pregnant, and twins were just going to show up on our doorstep in the next few weeks.
Most of those things I cannot physically do these days, despite my desire.  So, my bucket list has become a little more modest...
My Realistic Pre-Twins Bucket List:
  • Treasure time with Tracey Ann as the only child -- whatever we are doing (lots of play-dough, books, playing doctor, and cuddling with cartoons)
  • Making sure my parents feel comfortable in their routine with Tracey Ann so that when the twins do arrive, Tracey Ann will have some consistency
  • Enjoying bedtime with Hubby without nursing two babies -- our end of the day cuddling and pillow talk
  • Trying to do a few house projects each day with the help of my mom -- unpacking a few boxes here and there, hanging a few pictures here and there and trying to have things ready for the twins
  • Enjoying the ability to say when I'm tired and then get off my feet or take a nap
  • Treasuring this Christmas break where all of Hubby, Tracey Ann, my Mom, my Daddy  and I are home together without the responsibility of two newborns... we are nesting, watching football, doting on Tracey Ann, and enjoying this time together as a family.  This time really is a gift.

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