Thursday, December 3, 2015

Our Little Sweetheart

Tuesday night Hubby and I took Tracey Ann to get her flu shot. 

We were prepared with milk, passie, and her blankie in hand.  Plus she had both Mama and Daddy's undivided attention.

The nurse injected the shot into her leg very swiftly and Tracey Ann began to cry.  Both Mama and Daddy were hugging her and telling her, "It's All Done," not knowing how long the pain and crying would last.

Tracey Ann cried for about three seconds... 
Then, to our extreme surprise, smiled and looked at the nurse and said, "Thank you." 

We were shocked to put it mildly.

The nurse said she has never been thanked by a child for getting a shot, and certainly never by a 22-month old.

We have such a little sweetheart!

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