Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas from the Mountain Millers

Merry Christmas 
from the Mountain Millers 2015

Our Christmas Letter:

Christmas greetings to you from the Mountain Millers,
What a wonderful and blessed year we have had. To quote my husband, this has been a year of “Upgrades.”
·       In May we learned that Tracey Ann would become a big sister and we were thrilled to learn that our family would be growing – Upgrade and Praise God!
·       In June we were shocked and thrilled to learn that we were expecting, not one baby, but TWINS due in January 2016!  Tracey Ann will have a new challenge as a big sister, and our hands will be very full (three children in less than two years) but our hearts will be even more full and we feel amazingly blessed – Double Upgrade and Praise God! 
(To answer your question, yes, twins run in our families, and yet, that did not diminish our shock during our first ultrasound when the doctor told us to take a deep breath and then said, “That is one baby… and that is a second baby.”  We do not know the genders of the babies.  We loved being surprised with Tracey Ann and are excited to be surprised with the twins as well.)
·       With a growing family on our minds, the summer and fall led to many discussions about our future, and much to our surprise and blessing, we were able to buy our first home this fall.  We are now settled in Rifle and we have room for visitors!  I still cannot believe how quickly and smoothly everything came together and we have been busy settling in and preparing for the twins (and family) to arrive – Major Upgrade and Praise God!
Tracey Ann has amazed and brought us much joy this year as she has gone from being a cute, sweet baby, to an energetic, talking, walking, climbing adorable toddler.  She loves animals, playing outside and is trying to understand that babies are on the way.
Chris and I continue to enjoy our jobs in education and we are very happy settling into our Rifle community as homeowners.  Our animals, Lexie and Lloyd are handling the changes well.
In this broken world, we pray your Christmas is filled with the peace, hope, and joy of knowing that Jesus came to earth and died that we might have eternal life.

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