Sunday, December 20, 2015

No Idea Part 2

Last week I wrote a post about being pregnant with twins and how, even though I have experienced full term pregnancy before... I had No Idea what it would mean to be pregnanct with twins... and how most people in my life also have NO IDEA what this is like.

After I wrote that post, I thought of some other things that are worth mentioning.
  • I have had to move the pedals on my car forward in order to be comfortable in the driver's seat.  Fortunately, the van we bought last summer has the ability for me to move the pedals forward without moving the seat or the steering wheel.  In my work car, where I cannot move the pedals, my stomach literally touches the steering wheel as I'm driving.
  • Around our house, there are a couple of spots that are tight for two people to pass.  If I am standing in the kitchen at the end of the counter top and either Hubby or my mom or dad want to squeeze by me, it used to be no big deal for me to step forward closer to the counter for them to sneak behind... now, I actually have to either turn sideways so my stomach is goes along side the counter, or I have to move out of the narrow space so they are able to pass
  • Hubby and I danced a few nights ago, which is such treat... but it was physically difficult to have to stand so far away from him while we were dancing
  • When I climb into a car, first of all, it is not easy to get up into the driver or passenger side, but once I get into the seat and settle in... it is very difficult to reach out and close the door behind me.  I have to use my arms and either pull myself forward using the steerling wheel or dash board in order to reach the door in order to pull it closed.
  • I have no lap.  Like, no lap at all -- to work on a laptop, there is not enough space between my knees and my stomach for my computer to fit.  When we go to church, and I would naturally set a program on my lap... or out to eat and I would set a napkin on my lap, they are both on the floor in a matter of seconds.  I have now begun laying a napkin over my stomach instead of my legs when I eat -- that's where food falls anyway.
  • I have learned to have a new normal for myself that, generally speaking, when someone asks if I need help -- I say yes.  Normally, my instinct would be to say, "No thank you."  A few days ago, I was getting out of my car, and my mom asked if I needed help.  I said yes I did, and when she came out of the car, she looked surprised at how little I had to bring in -- like perhaps I didn't really need the help because my hands weren't going to be that full.  I then explained to her, that I'm learning to accept help even if I don't have a lot to carry, because, if nothing else, it is helpful to hold someone's hand while I'm walking on the ice.  Help is a good thing -- and the fact I'm getting used to accepting it is probably a good standard for the fact I'm about to have two babies and one toddler.
A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend who had a little boy and then twins a few years later all of whom are in college now.  She said was commenting on how many times she was asked the same question and had the same conversation with people...
"Yes they are twins."
"Yes he is mine too."
"Yes, I have my hands full."
She said she wanted to have shirts printed that said,
"Yes they are twins."
"Yes he is mine too."
"Yes, I have my hands full... so could you please OPEN THE DOOR FOR ME!"

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