Friday, December 18, 2015

Best Decision

Five years ago today I made the best decision of my life when I agreed to marry my wonderful Hubby.

He asked me to marry him on a snowy day on Vail mountain on a black diamond ski run.  He pulled out the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen... and held it above the 16" of fresh powder snow we were skiing on... and I think I said, "DON'T DROP IT!" even before I said Yes.


Thank you for asking me to be your wife, Hubby.

You are the perfect match for me.  We make such a great team, and we are a good balance for one another.

I can't believe God has entrusted us with a beautiful little girl... and the new blessing of two more babies on the way any day.  I am so glad you are my partner, my spouse, my husband in this crazy, wonderful life and through these new blessings and challenges.


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