Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fully Appreciate

I really feel as though there are some things in life you just don't appreciate... you can't appreciate until you're a parent.

Hubby and I have learned to fully appreciate a night away, just the two of us.

We spent Thursday night in Salt Lake City to attend the Michigan v. Utah game, and Michigan lost, unfortunately, but Hubby and I had an absolute blast.  Some of the things we were able to enjoy with our 36 hours away included:
  • Attending a sporting event and giving it our full attention
  • Riding public transportation
  • Sleeping in -- which we thought we had done until we realized it was 7:45am and we were both awake
  • Taking a long, quiet bath without interuption
  • Making long phone calls to big agencies, where we are placed on hold, without interruption
  • Enjoying several meals out in restaurants without interruption
  • Both getting hair cuts at the same time
 It is amazing how FREE our schedule becomes when we are not catering to the schedule, nap needs, nutrition needs, and entertainment needs of our one-year-old.
Now, of, course, we missed our baby girl like crazy and were very ready to get home to see her and spend the rest of Labor Day weekend together as a family, but Hubby and I truly and fully appreciate little getaways just the two of us.

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