Thursday, September 24, 2015


ABCs for fun...
A- age:  31 years, 8 months
B-biggest fear:  House fire, snakes, spiders... but let's not talk about those things
C- current time:  9:42pm
D- drink you last had:  Water
 E- easiest person to talk to:  Probably my mom
F- favorite song:  Christmas songs
G- ghosts, are they real?  I don't know... the Bible condemns dabbling in the spiritual realms
H- hometown:  Norton Shores, Michigan
I- in love with:  Hubby, Tracey Ann, and our twins
J- jealous of:  Women with amazing, athletic, toned figures... but I'm less jealous while pregnant
K- killed someone?  Excuse me?
L- last time you cried?  Last Friday morning because we didn't have any Cinnamon Rolls
 M- middle name:  Sanden (took me 27 years to score a middle name)
N- number of siblings:  two by blood, four by marriage
O- one wish:  I do not really make wishes... I pray
P- person you last called:  My Momma
Q- question you are always asked:  "How are you feeling?" because I'm carrying twins
R- reason to smile:  I have a healthy happy toddler, a wonderful caring husband, and two healthy babies in my belly
S- song last sang:  "Get Up and Dance with Me"
 T- time you woke up:  6:45am
U- underwear color:  Classified
V- vacation destination:  Hubby and I will make it to Asia and Australia eventually
W- worst habit:  Not cooking dinner
 X- x-rays you've had:  Dental
Y- your favorite food:  Steak, Pizza, or dessert
Z- zodiac sign: Who cares?

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