Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Treasuring the Present: Little Toddler

We have this adorable little toddler who is such a handful, but she is the best, most hilarious, beautiful little handful on the planet.

She has this adorable laugh, and she's learned that I usually say "no" to certain things (crackers, playing with the ipad, my telephone), and so when I say "yes", her eyes get so big, and she flaps her little hands and squeals with delight.

She climbs on everything, and has started to run.  Her little feet prancing through our house is the sweetest little sound.

She has little temper tantrums, but she usually is easily distracted or knocks it off when she realizes we're ignoring it.

She has started to put items in various compartments... anything that fits in her hands, now can be found in anything larger than that -- her shoes have been found in the trash, our potatoes have been found in a cereal box, her toys are in any drawer she can reach to open... so the fun game of hide and seek is just beginning.

Whenever I tell her "no", she signs "Daddy."

She LOVES books!  She flips through books all the time and we are so proud.  She flips through her books, and she sees a picture of an animal she recognizes and she makes the sign for that animal.

Whenever I try to do crunches, she climbs on my chest and giggles -- except when I ask Hubby to take of picture of her doing it... then she doesn't climb on my chest... she ignores me and the fact I'm doing crunches.

We love this little girl, and all the ups and downs of the toddler years.

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