Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Easter Weekend

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating our Savior's resurrection.  It is so beautiful to be a young family working to determine what sort of traditions and lessons we want to incorporate into our family and become our Easter memories and traditions.

We participated in a local Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Rifle Lion's Club.  It was Tracey Ann's first Easter egg hunt, and she gathered four eggs.  It was FREEZING -- 22* when we awoke, and 32* when we registered for the hunt. 

It warmed as the day went on, and we went out to brunch after the egg hunt.  We knew we wouldn't go out for brunch after church because Tracey Ann is always exhausted after church.

Later that day, I was able to do some baking for a church potluck while Tracey Ann played in our Tupperware cabinet.  She had fun stacking and filing the Tupperware with her toys, and I thought her playing there was a great idea... until I realized I would have to wash all the Tupperware with which she was playing.

Sunday we had plans to attend our church's Sunrise service... but then I chickened out taking our toddler to an early morning service in freezing temperatures.  I LOVE sunrise services and hope we can continue this tradition again in the future, but I didn't want our baby to be disruptive.

Instead, we went to our church breakfast potluck and service, and enjoyed fellowship and friends.  After, we took some family pictures and then went home for a nap.  Tracey Ann is always exhausted after church.

After her nap, we saw that the Easter Bunny came, and we had some eggs to find, and we each had an Easter Basket.  Tracey Ann's Easter basket included a little purse, a cup, some bubbles, some spring hair barrettes, some cds of Bible songs and some bunny ears.  While she seemed to like her gifts... the biggest hit was her taking my Easter basket, putting her bubbles in it and walking it around the house.  She would walk, stop, sit, take her bubble out of the basket, put the bubbles back in her basket, stand up and walking around again.

We are so incredibly blessed to be this little girl's parents, and we are so fortunate to live in a country where we can freely teach her the stories of our faith and about our Mighty and Merciful God.

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