Sunday, April 12, 2015

Our Little Reader

Our precious baby girl is such a sweetheart.  Staying put this spring has allowed us to get into such a great routine, and as a result she goes down for naps and bedtime with very little, if any fuss.

While we have our nightly routine -- bath, story, nursing... she also has her own routine, which includes flipping through books once she's been put to bed.

Hubby and I watch her on our baby monitor, and we both think this is the sweetest thing.  She has two little books in her crib, and she will quietly sit in her crib, sucking on her pacifier, flipping through books for sometimes as long as 15 minutes before laying down and falling asleep.

She's also starting to do this in place of her afternoon nap.  She is now taking a really long morning nap, and then, when she gets fussy in the afternoon, she will go in her crib and flip through books for a little quiet time.

I find her reading in bed habit especially adorable because throughout elementary and middle school, I always had a book hidden under the covers in order to read after I was supposed to be asleep.

We love that she is becoming such a little reader.

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