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Flashback: Rome Update 11

Flashback: Rome Update 11

November 8, 2004

Good Morning -

This week was spent getting back into the swing of Roman living.  I am sticking around the city for at least a little while and so I am adjusting back into Rome-mode.


One interesting story occurred this week... I tried to use the Art History library in Rome because I am working on an art history paper that is due tomorrow.  I found the building and used their enormous (Italian) card catalog to find books on my topic and proceeded to search for the books.  It was a little like the library from Disney's Beauty and the Beast in that there were three stories of books, and you could climb ladders to reach balconies to get to the books up high.  I have never seen anything like it.  The stacks and stacks of books and ladders were really cool -- but the part where I FINALLY found the books I wanted and tried to ascertain from several librarians what I needed to do to check these books out... and was told repeatedly in Italian that I was not allowed to check the books out -- that part wasn't so cool.  It was a very cultural outing that ended with my silently crying in one on one of the book balconies out of frustration before returning home empty-handed.

I had several LONG rehearsals for the musical this weekend and the whole thing is really starting to come together which is encouraging.  My roommate, Christina and I are eating, sleeping and dreaming the songs in an effort to memorize everything.  I am glad we are in it together and can share our excitements and frustrations when rehearsals are over each night.

This past week marked the beginning the visitors at our apartment, and we basically will have guests of some sort from now until December. Monika had a friend come in Wednesday and stayed through til Sunday, and Sunday evening my friend, Christine Gray (a friend from W&L who is studying in Scotland this term) arrived with one of her friends and they are staying until Wednesday, then more people are coming in later in the week.  It has us comfortably cluttered, but it is fun and we're young and can handle sleeping on awkward pieces of furniture.  :)

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods, I love you and I am remembering you in my prayers.

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