Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Staying Grateful

I really was able to maintain a very grateful heart for the majority of my pregnancy and my first year of motherhood.  I was very blessed that God gave me the thankful perspective of remembering that MANY women all over the year are ACHING for the experience I was having.  Many women would have given their left arm for my morning sickness, bulging stomach, enormous fingers, sleepless nights, stretch marks, piles of laundry, and more.

To be honest, now that we are past that year mark and well into our toddler years... its becoming a little harder to maintain that grateful attitude.

I keep trying to tell myself that, this is like being a child and being told, "with more privilege comes more responsibility."  I remember hearing that phrase and short of thinking -- 'Well, that stinks.  I was excited about the privilege... can I skip the responsibility?'

Now, I have a toddler who is SOOO much fun.  She is so lively, curious, adventurous, loving, communicative, friendly, and silly.  But with the fun (the privilege) comes more difficulties (the responsibilities) such as temper tantrums, strong-willed nature, accidents, ow-ies, more baby-proofing needed (she can reach SO MANY things that I think are out of her reach) and more.

Yesterday, for example, we had some real excitement when I tried to call my parents on Facetime, and Tracey Ann crawled right into my lap and signed "Papa" and "Grammie" for the first time.  Then my parents didn't answer the Facetime call... so by the time they called us back (a whopping 3 minutes late) Tracey Ann not only didn't sign to them, she wailed the entire duration of the call.  I guess she cracked under pressure.

These toddler years are so precious... sometimes I have to remind myself of this seventy times a day... but really, they are so precious.

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