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Flashback: Rome Update 13

Flashback: Rome Update 13

November 22, 2014

Hey Everyone -

I really cannot write long, but just wanted to touch base for this week. I am just loving every minute that I have here in Rome and I do not even want to think about the fact that I will be home one month from now. I never want this to end.

I went to Florence this past weekend with my art history class (it was a required trip) and it was AMAZING! Florence was a very influential location for Renaissance art and so it was surreal to have the opportunity to walk into a church or museum with my class and with my brilliant professor and walk over to the paintings or sculptors we have
been viewing as slides since the beginning of the year. It was wonderful.

Plus my friend Lydia met me in Florence and attended the classes with me and I stayed with her at the Villa she works at on Friday night. Her room is very small but the surrounding area is beautiful and it was nice to see where she is living. It was wonderful to see her again and then we both went back into Florence on Saturday for more art history classes.

Saturday night I returned to Rome as I had major rehearsals for the musical on Sunday - that is one reason this email is so short, I have a lot going on right now. We open for the school tomorrow night with dress rehearsal tonight, and it's getting to be crunch time. Also, an old friend whom I haven't really seen since Freshman year of college arrived
yesterday and is visiting for a week, so that adds a little stress to the platter.

But all in all things are going very well and I am just LOVING every day I am here. I love the kids I am in the musical with (I will be sad when it ends) and I am having a ball.

I love you all! :)

- B

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