Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winter Blog Fun

Here are some fun random Winter blog quizzes -- because I am missing Winter like crazy.  While Western Michigan is at a stand-still with 16" of snow in 12 hours... our little town feels like Spring.

Your Winter Personality is Playful
You can't help it... winter makes you feel like a kid again. There's something magical about that much snow!
You're always down to have some fun. You're the first one at a snowball fight or a snowman making contest.

You are genuinely optimistic. You see the bright side of every blizzard, even if the power goes out.
You are full of delight and wonder. You never feel bored - there's too much for you to be excited about.

You Are Unique Because You're Clever
Unlike most people, you are able to draw interesting connections and come up with amazing theories.
You are able to take in a lot of information at once. You can see patterns where others can't.

You are rare in your ability to think without boundaries or preconceptions. The whole world is open to you.
Like a snowflake, you are happy to contribute to something great. You like feeling that you matter a little.

You Are Snowshoeing
You like your thrills as much as the next person, but your thrills tend to be more mental than physical.
You find thinking and playing with ideas to be exciting enough. And you don't have to risk injury to do it.

You aren't afraid of hard work. In fact, you know that doing your absolute best has its rewards.
You take good care of yourself and those you love. You value your health and stability.

You Should Stay Warm by Drinking a Hot Drink
You are an outgoing and optimistic person. You enjoy treating yourself to the things you love.
For you, any occasion is an opportunity to celebrate. And why not celebrate a cold night with a warm drink?

You love to gather with friends over hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. There's something magical about a cozy, freezing night.
It may not be the best weather, but you know how to have a good time anyway. That's what you're all about.

You Are a Snow Day
You are a dreamy person with a deep internal world. And you don't like being dragged from your thoughts.
If you can get a day off from the responsibilities of life, you'll take it! You would much rather be doing your own thing anyway.

You appreciate solitude and need it to cope in this crazy world. A whole day to yourself sounds heavenly.
You have many interests and intellectual pursuits that interest you. You can always entertain yourself!

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