Saturday, January 17, 2015

My 31st Birthday

This week marked my 31st birthday, and it was great.

I got a bunch of facebook wishes, about a dozen phone calls, and several sweet cards.  In addition Hubby and other family members hit the present ball out of the PARK with a few of my birthday gifts this year, which included...

Wait For It...




I go back and forth pretty much momentarily between which one I am most excited about.  Seriously.

The fitbit not only tells me how active I've been, it lets me keep track of my diet and water intake, and compete with Hubby as to who stays more active.

The housekeeper is... AMAZING!  She will come once a month to maintain our clean house, but first... she came to DEEP CLEAN our home.  Oh my gosh, I'm literally, right now, sitting in the cleanest-smelling house I've every smelled.

My hubby and the others who contributed know how hard I work in being a wife, mother, Christ-follower, home-maker, teacher in-the-home, teacher outside-the-home, athlete, healthy eater... and more.  I know I do not keep our home as clean or tidy as I should.  NOW I HAVE HELP!!!

The housekeeper will only come once a month, but she will do all things I NEVER do -- scrub the shower, dust the picture frames, mop the floors, and more.

It was a great birthday, and made so joyful by my wonderful husband and daughter.

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