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Flashback: Rome Update 2

Flashback: Rome Update 2

September 9, 2004

Hello again -

Thank you to so many of you who have written me such encouraging and
sweet emails this past week.  Every day gets a little easier and I
haven't gotten lost since last Thursday :)

This past weekend I went on two walking tours offered by the school.
One was of Rome's Fountains and Squares (Piazzas) and the second was of
Ancient Rome.  They were extremely interesting and now I'm chomping at
the bit for someone to visit me so I can share all this interesting
knowledge.  While I was on the first tour, I picked up a flyer for an
  amateuropera group and discovered they were performing LA TRAVIATA by
Verdi that night.  I was ECSTATIC as I really enjoyed studying this
opera last year.  So Saturday afternoon was spent with two new friends
buying tickets, shopping for new dress shoes and getting all gussied up
for the opera.  It was very good and I picked up flyers for the rest of
their season as well.

I went grocery shopping last night, and cooked for my first time on a
gas stove (and I didn't explode anything).  My apartment still does not
have hot water although the school has sent people to work on it twice.
My roomies and I are bonding over the experience.

I hope all of you are doing well, and I plan to respond to many of the
individual emails a number of you have sent me sometime this week (as I
plan it to be less eventful than last).


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