Thursday, January 15, 2015

How's Your Heart?

I am in intense person.  I feel intensely, I cheer intensely, I grieve intensely, I love intensely, and I live intensely.  I'm still not entirely sure how my husband and I work so well because he is a very easy-going, "shake it off" kind of man.

All of my close friends are not close.  That is to say, they live hundreds, and even thousands of miles away from me.  Our means of keeping in touch for years is through sporadic phone calls, facebook updates, texts, and emails.

This means when we actually see each other, which can be once every few years, or once every ten years, we have to make the most of the time together. 

I have found that the best use of our time is to ask one question,
"How's your heart?"

That simple question, "How's your heart?" covers everything.

When I ask "How's your heart?" it includes:
  •  How is the health of your heart?
  • What is on your mind these days?
  • What are you feeling blessed by?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • How is God challenging you right now?
  • What are you hoping and praying for right now?
  • What is your greatest joy right now?
When a friend asks me "How is your heart?" I know I am safe in the conversation.  I know this friend is a place where all guard can be dropped and I can honestly confide whatever is going on.  For me, there is no sweeter, of love-filled question than this.

So, How is YOUR heart?

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