Friday, January 30, 2015

Non-Pregnant Appreciation

About a year ago, I did not spend my final month of pregnancy belaboring how miserable it was to be in my final month of pregnancy.  I suppose I didn't have a complicated or unbearable pregnancy, but I also had every intention of having a great attitude, a grateful, appreciative attitude for my entire term.

Although it was tempting, I did not spend my final months of pregnancy thinking about how much I wanted to sleep on my back, or how many times I had to run to the restroom because my bladder was small, or how much heartburn I had.  I knew pregnancy was temporary, and so I focused on how much joy I felt when I felt my baby move inside me.  I focused on how my baby got to come to work with me every day, and never cried.  I focused on how safe, and warm, and protected my baby was every second she was in my belly.

I focused so much on my gratitude at being pregnant, that a part of me was worried that I would suffer some postpartum depression because my baby suddenly was not inside me anymore, but thankfully, (Praise God), at least with Tracey Ann, I never suffered any major postpartum depression issues.

All of that being said, within hours of Tracey Ann being born, I was able to switch my mindset to a grateful, appreciative attitude that I was no longer pregnant.

That first night in the hospital, just a few hours after Tracey Ann was born, I will never forget the AMAZING feeling of being able to lay back ON MY BACK.  I don't even sleep on my back, but the comfort of laying back after months of laying on one side or the other was such sweet relief.

In addition, after Tracey Ann's birth the heart burn ceased immediately, and I instantly had more room in my bladder.

An entire year later, I do hope to eventually be pregnant with more children... but I still cherish those sweet simple pleasures of not being pregnant.  I will never take laying on my back, or my stomach for granted.  I cherish the ability to do so, because come the second trimester of other pregnancies, the pleasure will have to be deferred.

I am not always the best at treasuring what is right in front of me... but with pregnancy, I really did cherish the pregnancy while I was pregnant... and the lack of pregnancy when I wasn't.  There really are beautiful parts of both.

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