Sunday, January 11, 2015

Images of Our Michigan Christmas

Each year I have a hard time posting Christmas pictures because I delay posting them, and then it just seems too late.

But, this year, here are images of Tracey Ann's first Christmas -- the Michigan celebration:

On the road... Animals in the front, Mama and Baby Girl in the back

Tracey Ann met her Great Aunt Shari (Grammie's youngest sister) for the first time in Michigan.

Great Aunt Shari was so much fun!

Thanks for coming up to see us!

Showing Grammie and Papa how she's signing these days -- she's saying "Milk"

Lloyd is always nearby when Tracey Ann is eating... in this case, under her high chair.

I love this picture...

and this picture.

I wish I had taken more pictures with us all dressed up at church or with family friends for a late Christmas dinner... live and learn.  This is one I did take of Hubby and Tracey Ann at church.

Santa Claus found us, even late, in Michigan.

We are so blessed!

I didn't take as many pictures of adults opening things this year... again, I'll try better next year.  This was one of Grammie.

Tracey Ann is the best present of all... and looks the best with a bow.

Papa got new gloves!

She eventually got the hang of grabbing the bows...

This bow looks fun to grab.

Merry Christmas!

Grammie and Papa bought her a car...

I hope she remembers that they are the people to turn to when she turns 16.

Is there where we keep the Christmas cookies?

Just kidding... Tracey Ann doesn't get Christmas cookies yet.

Hanging out up late with Papa.

Helping Grammie put away Christmas ornaments.

"I love helping Grammie!"

The walker allowed Tracey Ann to almost reach Lexie in her chair in the kitchen.

Cuddles with Grammie and Papa after bathtime.

"I love Grammie and Papa!"

First time hanging out of the truck window

So much to see out the window... much better than the car seat.

My Aunt gave me this ornament for Christmas, and I'm SO excited to hang in on the tree next year.

How was your Christmas?
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