Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tracey Ann's Church Dedication

This past Sunday Tracey Ann was dedicated in church.  Chris and I both felt led to do an infant dedication rather than an infant baptism, because we want Tracey Ann to make the decision to get baptized when she is older and has made the decision to follow Jesus for herself.

As her parents, we can make a promise to raise her in the church and in accordance with the teaching of the church, and that is what we did this past Sunday.


We attend a very small church in Rifle, and it was so incredibly special to stand up and make a vow before them, and ask them to hold us accountable to a Biblical standard of being her parents.  We were so blessed to have our parents in church with us, and standing up beside us, in front of the congregation as we made these promises.

The pastor read some beautiful passages from the Bible, and then asked if we would like to say anything and Chris spoke right up.  He said that almost 3 years ago, Chris and I stood up in a similar church and made vows to one another as we became husband and wife.  In that decision, we chose people to stand up next to us who we believed would hold us accountable to our vows to one another and point us back to each other, our marriage, and the Lord when times got hard.  He said, we are very blessed to have this special congregation standing up next to us as we make new vows, now as parents, and we would ask them to keep us accountable to the promise we are making to God and Tracey Ann.

Tracey Ann was wearing a very frilly beautiful dress that her Grandma Miller bought her, and over that dress she wore a dedication gown, which is what my older sister, older brother, and I all wore to be baptized as infants.  Tracey Ann also wore a tiny add-a-pear necklace that is made for a child, and was left to my by my sister.

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