Monday, May 5, 2014


Yesterday in church, a high school senior addressed the congregation to prepare our hearts for communion.  He recently made the decision to attend college across the county next year and he is excited, scared, and a million other emotions as he prepares for next year and the rest of this life.

This young man said that he had recently watched the movie Spiderman.  He said that there is a scene in Spiderman when trouble is coming (in the form of a big, evil, giant, I think), and a Spiderman is no where to be found.  Among the scared people is a little boy wearing a Spiderman costume.

The little boy looks around, and keeps looking for Spiderman to come save the day, but Spiderman is nowhere to be seen.  So, this brave little boy pulls his Spiderman mask over his face and marches forward toward the giant to save the day.


The young man from church said that as you watch this little boy face the villian, you just know it cannot end well.  But, the real Spiderman swoops in at the last minute to save the little boy.

The young man from our church relayed this to the fact he is headed to college this fall, and he will be exposed to many new people who will have different views of the world and thoughts about religion.  He said he hopes and prays he will have the courage to pull on his Jesus mask in the face of adversity, with the knowledge that Jesus, Himself, will swoop in to save him and the situation in the nick of time.

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