Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Next Twenty Years...

Hubby and I are just beginning our crazy 20 years.  We have lived our lives as children, adolescences, teenagers, twenty-somethings... and then in our late twenties/early thirties our two lives became one.

Now, we are not the children to be cared for... we are the ones caring for others.  We are not the kids with wild angst giving our parents grey hairs... we are the parents.
... and it is all just beginning.

Sunday night we were up late, and up in the middle of the night because Tracey Ann's sleep schedule got messed up on Sunday and so she was up at weird hours.
Monday night we were running around the house late because Lloyd got sick.

My parents are visiting us and helping us with childcare for these three weeks, and they are SUCH a help to us -- but we are the ones tending to Lloyd and up late with Tracey Ann.  My parents have already paid their dues and had their season of caring for all children and animals under their roof... now its our turn.

I know there will be nights in our future when several children are sick, or animals run away --  we have much more drama ahead than our puppy getting sick so we get to bed a little late, but, in it, we remain so joyful.

To be the parents -- to be the ones caring for all children and animals under our roof -- this is our dream come true, and it will not last forever.  We have about twenty crazy, chaotic, dramatic, sleep-deprived, amazing years ahead of us... and then its gone.  Then we move on to another blessed season of life.

I am so excited for these next twenty years.

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