Monday, May 19, 2014

First Date Night

Friday night Hubby and I had our first date night, alone, since Tracey Ann was born.  It was wonderful and so much fun... but also different.

To begin with, honestly, I didn't really want to go on a date alone with my husband.  I wasn't very excited to be away from our baby in order to spend time alone together.  Realizing this helped me to realize how much we NEEDED a date night just the two of us.  We needed to reconnect and prioritize each other for the evening.

We took advantage of Hubby's parents still being in town to help us and decided to have a date alone.  But it was SO different, and absolutely priceless.

In the afternoon, we decided we were going to Grand Junction (the big city), and I was able to make an appointment to get my hair cut at the last minute.  We got everything and every body ready to go in 20 minutes flat and we were out the door... not just my husband and me... but Grandma and Grandpa and Tracey Ann.  We ALL went to Grand Junction for Hubby and my alone date.

I got my hair cut and felt like a million bucks for our date... then Hubby, the grandparents and Tracey Ann picked me up and it was dinner time.  The grandparents had already decided where they wanted to have dinner, and when Hubby offered me my choice of restaurants for our date, I ended up choosing the exact same restaurant -- mother's intuition!

So, Hubby and I had a wonderful, uninterrupted, intimate, joyful dinner together... and Tracey Ann and her grandparents had dinner just a few tables away.  I couldn't see them in my direct line of sight -- but I could peer around a visual barrier and spot her any time I wanted.  It was awesome for our first meal without her.

It was wonderful to have a meal with Hubby... its amazing how quickly we can eat when neither one of us is holding, feeding or soothing Tracey Ann.  We also were able to talk about what we want to do this summer -- specific dates we'll travel, summer home projects, and our summer bucket list.

Then, we finished up dinner, and the grandparents and Tracey Ann gave us a ride to a movie theater where we were just in time for a movie I've wanted to see, MOM'S NIGHT OUT.  It was a really cute, funny, faith-based movie about an overwhelmed mother who feels like she can't get anything right, and just wants one night to "unplug" and enjoy some time with friends.  The result is a comedy of errors of all that can go wrong when mom's away.  It was really cute and funny... but not entirely comforting when you are spending your first night away from your baby, like I was.  :-D  I kept leaning over to Hubby and whispering, "Our baby will be okay, right?"

After the movie, Tracey Ann and her grandparents were waiting for us in the movie theater parking lot, and Tracey Ann was a little fussy, but quieted down the moment she saw me.  I was walking on air.

Then we all drove home together, and I got to do her normal bedtime routine when we got home.

Oh, and BONUS, while I was getting my hair cut, Hubby bought us a running jogger.  I am REALLY excited about it, and both Hubby and I have been trying to make time to run this Spring, so a running jogger can make it a family activity.

When we returned home, I was exhausted, no two ways about it... but a date night with Hubby was definitely worth it, and having Tracey Ann nearby helped me to be able to relax and enjoy the evening all the more.

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