Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Letters: FRIDAY



  • Dear Tracey Ann,  You are amazing!  I cannot believe you are going to be four months old tomorrow.
  • Dear School Year, I am SOOOO glad you are almost over.
  • Dear Grammy and Papa,  We really miss you.
  • Dear Grandma and Grandpa, We really miss you, too.
  • Dear Lloyd, Thank you for reminding us to feed you.  Its not that we're forgetting that you need food -- we just need a little reminder that you haven't been fed yet.
  • Dear Mitford Books, I have LOVED listening to you as I travel for work.
  • Dear Sonic,  Thanks for offering $0.50 corn dogs to celebrate the end of school.
  • Dear Hubby, Thank you for all your work this week taking care of Tracey Ann.  We make a really good team... and it definitely takes both of us giving 100%+ to make life work these days.
  • Dear Warm Weather, It has been really nice to have you hanging around these days... I especially love dressing Tracey Ann in her adorable summer dresses and sun hats!
  • Dear Friday To-Do List, You are very long and nearly endless...
  • Dear Veterans, Thank you for your service.
  • Dear Long, Memorial Day Weekend, Welcome!
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