Monday, May 12, 2014

My First Mothers' Day

I had the most amazing first Mothers' Day.  I don't want to write an infinitely long blog post... but I'm not sure how to express my incredible joy in succinct words.

The day had so many wonderful parts...

The part where my parents and Chris' parents arrived to our little Rifle home from Michigan and St. Louis to join us for Saturday night dinner.

The part where Tracey Ann sat up at the dinner table with us and was a perfect angle for a dinner that lasted an hour and a half.

The part where we gave our mothers their first Mothers' Day presents from Tracey Ann

The part where my Hubby gave me a beautiful Willow Tree figurine to represent my first Mothers' Day

The part where my Hubby totally surprised me with GORGEOUS black diamond golden bear earrings... He said he wanted to mark my first Mothers' Day with something very special... he hit it out of the park!

The part where Mothers Day morning we went to church with both our parents for Tracey Ann's dedication

The part where Tracey Ann wore a tiny add-a-pearl necklace that my sister, Tracey, gave me before she died

The part where Tracey Ann wore a frilly dress from her Grandma Miller, and a family heirloom baptism gown that was worn by my older sister, my older brother, and me

The part where Tracey Ann was incredibly well-behaved during the church service and was a beautiful, happy little angel

The part where the Congregation and Church Elders prayed over our family, and we later saw a picture where everyone's head is down, but Tracey Ann is just as happy as can be... "Yay, Jesus Loves Me!  I'm a part of the church family now!"

The part where I was wished Happy Mothers' Day for the first time in my life

The part where I felt incredibly appreciated for all I do by my Hubby


All of those parts where wonderful... but, to my surprise, none of these were the best part of my day.  The best part of my day was being Tracey Ann's Mama.

I adore my baby girl, and I LOVE that I am her mom.

Being a mother is, by far, the most difficult, all-encompassing, life-altering calling I've ever had, and yet the joy that is has brought to my life is unmatched.

The best part of my Mothers' Day was that I was the first one to respond to my baby girl's cries at 5:00am that morning.  I was the one who met her needs, made her smile, and made her feel loved and secure.

The best part of my Mothers' Day is that I got to choose her special outfit for the day and sing silly songs to her while I dressed her in it.

The best part of my Mothers' Day is that I know how to make her smile in pictures, and I know how to keep her quiet during our church service.

The best part of my Mothers' Day is that, during her dedication, I was taking a vow, with my husband, as her mother.

The best part of my Mothers' Day is that I got to bring her home after the service and feed her and rock her and change her into a sleeper.

The best part of my Mothers' Day is that I handle her bedtime routine, and I'm the last one to hold her and kiss her and see her smile at the end of each day.

The best part of my  Mothers' Day is that, Lord Willing, I get to wake up and be her mother again tomorrow, and for every day that follows.

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