Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break Trip

Greetings from Arizona!

Tracey Ann, Hubby and I are taking a little Spring Break trip because Hubby is on Spring Break this week.  Originally, we had planned that this would be our first time traveling with Tracey Ann, but we ended up going back to Michigan suddenly for my grandma's funeral earlier this year.

On Saturday morning Hubby probably could have talked me in to staying put all week -- getting out of town is a hassle (house-sitter, pet-sitters, packing, organizing, traveling) and even MORESO with an eight-week old baby... but by the time we went to bed Saturday night, I was COMPLETELY EXCITED for this trip!!!

We're headed to Arizona for a few days, and I am really excited about the warm weather.

Tracey Ann has now officially outgrown her newborn sleepers, and so I got to raid her 0-3 month clothes (and summer-ish clothes) for this trip.  I packed WAAAAAY too much... but we're driving, and we have the room.  Plus, I don't really know what fits her yet.

I am totally excited about this trip!

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