Friday, March 28, 2014

Arizona Pool

On this trip, Tracey Ann got to be in a pool for the first time.  This worked out even better than we planned, because we read that a baby should not be in a pool any younger than 2 months (she turned 2 months on Monday), and the best pools are warm pools between 80-90* that are salt water pools, therefore, have little chlorine.  Amazingly, the pool at the resort where we were staying was EXACTLY that kind of pool.

Check out our beautiful bathing beauty...

We originally put her in a little swim diaper and tried putting her in the big pool (because we didn't realize there was a warmer children's pool), and that didn't last very long.

Then, we bought a little swimsuit and sun hat, and put her in the warm children's pool -- that one was a hit.  She's not giggling yet, but she really enjoyed the children's pool.  She was completely relaxed, and nice and warm, and was totally chill -- like a big bath.

Bonus:  What caption would you give this picture?

She really did like her time in the water... you just wouldn't know it from this picture.

We can't wait for this summer.  :-D

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