Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bath/Shower Time

While bath time is a wonderful thing for a new baby... with Tracey Ann, we have opted for shower time.

I have a friend who had a baby about ten years ago (she's an older friend), and she and her husband always showered their baby instead of bathing.   And, when I say "showered", I mean that the parent stood in the shower holding the baby.  When the time came for Michigan swim lessons, their baby LOVED the pool and was splashing, splashing, splashing all over the place.  Other mothers and babies wouldn't be within five feet of my friend and her baby because they didn't want to get splashed or have water in their faces.  There is no study behind it, but my friend thought that her daughter liked the water, and didn't mind water in her face, because of those showers... where the  mist of the water would get in her face.

All that to say, Tracey Ann has had a few baths... but more often than not, she takes showers with us.  And, more often than not, she takes her showers with Daddy.

Hubby has said this is his favorite time of the day, and Tracey Ann LOVES it.  Her eyes get really big, she is so alert, and she NEVER cries.  If I had to guess, I would say that shower time with Daddy is probably Tracey Ann's favorite time of the day too.

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