Thursday, March 6, 2014

Conversations to Remember 1

Here are two conversations I want to look back and remember someday... what better place to document than the blog:

The first one took place in Michigan when Chris and I were talking to my parents about saving to buy a house... and where we might be buying a house in the future.  Hubby was talking about if we could pay a large enough down payment we wouldn't have to get some mandatory insurance through the bank.  If your down payment is large enough, the insurance becomes optional.

My parents said that the benefit to that insurance is that if one spouse passes away, the other spouse owns the home free and clear.  My parents said that, tragic as the situation is, they have known two situations where the spouse died suddenly, and it was such a blessing that the living spouse then owned the home and didn't have to worry about defaulting on a mortgage.

When Hubby heard that, under this insurance, the house is owned free and clear if one spouse dies, his response was, "Really?" -- but he said it like, "REAL-ly?"  With a tone of, 'What a great deal,' in his voice.

I had to point out to him, that this insurance policy is NOT a great deal... certainly not a deal we want to make use of.  It was pretty funny.  :-D


I spoke to my mom on the phone yesterday and our conversation proceeded as follows:

Mom: How are you doing?
Brooke:  I don't smell good.
Mom:  You don't feel good?
Brooke:  I don't SMELL good.
Mom:  Oh, what do you think caused that?
Brooke:  The fact that I haven't showered for three days.
Mom:  Oh, well... that would do it.


I got a text message from Hubby yesterday with a picture and a caption saying,
"I'm an official dad.  Look carefully at my shoes I put on today."

Both black... right and left... but two different shoes.

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