Saturday, May 23, 2015

Our Weekend: Part 3

This is the final installment of sharing what we did with Meemaw and Geepaw Miller last weekend in Denver.

** Note: We don't really know what Grandma and Grandpa Miller are going to be called.  Cousin Zivah has started called Grandma, Meemaw, which Grandma likes.  Then one of the aunts said that probably makes Grandpa, Peepaw, which makes us all laugh.  I suggested Geepaw, which he liked a lot more.  Time will tell.

On Sunday night, Tracey Ann had another great night spent with Meemaw and Geepaw.  Monday, we all got up and headed to the Denver Children's Museum.  Tracey Ann was exhausted just from all the excitement, but she still had a blast.

As for my review of the Children's Museum, it was a great place for kids, but I didn't really like that one-year-olds cost money for entrance.  Most places we go, children under two are free, but here there was a cost.  Now, in fairness to the museum, she did engage with a lot of the activities, so I guess that's where the cost for one-year-olds come into play.  I will say, they had a great area for children ages 3 and under... it would have been really nice if the museum staff had told us about it when we entered, as they saw that we had a toddler.  The toddler area was sort of secluded off to the side, so we didn't find it until we were looking for the restroom right before we left.

All that to say, we had a great time at the museum.  They had great activities that were enjoyable for children of all ages and Tracey Ann had a blast.

I thought it was adorable how much Tracey Ann loved pretending to be a dentist because she loves brushing her teeth and her great-grandfather and great-great uncle (my grandfather and his brother) were both dentists.
She LOVED the Vet station... I don't think she realized she was pretending to be a vet, but she loved taking all the animals out of the kennels and giving them hugs.

Don't worry, Kitty, I'll get you out. 

There was a room to create bubbles, and this was a contraptions that created a square bubble around whomever was inside.  I don't think Tracey Ann really knew what was going on, but she held tightly to Daddy and was very brave.

Getting her first carpentry lesson from her Geepaw who is a carpenter.  I don't know that she will be a building protege.

 Exploring tunnels under a cool tree.

She loved gathering balls and putting them into tubes that carried them all over the room

Dressing like a firefighter, and getting a better appreciation for what her Uncle Daniel does for a living.

At the end, we could tell Tracey Ann was hungry because she found pretend peaches and tried to eat them.

Now, this weekend we're headed to Salt Lake City, so more adventures to come.

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