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Flashback: Rome Update 14

Flashback: Rome Update 14

November 29, 2004

Hey Y'all -

This past week was very eventful.  I have been entertaining a guest and his stay has been LONG.  He arrived last Sunday afternoon and he leaves tomorrow.  During his visit, he has proved to be... an interesting guy. I had a politics professor freshman year who said he hated the word 'interesting'.  He said the word interesting was too vague and the only time it could be used was when describing a person who you have nothing to say about them but insults, you call them interesting.  With this definition having been stated, my guest is interesting.

The musical went off without a hitch and was SO much fun.  I am very sad that it is all over.  The kids were awesome and we all worked so hard. The show was called "Starting Here, Starting Now" but it was essentially a musical review of a fun composer I had never heard of.  We had two performances, one for the public and one just for John Cabot University kids after the Thanksgiving feast the school provided on Wednesday night.  Christina and I were in the show and our roommates, Monika and Liza were SO sweet.  It was like having family there and they brought us flowers and said how proud they were of us.  They even videoed just the numbers we were in - just like parents.  :)

Thursday morning, I went to Florence with my guest (his name is Chris), my roommate Christina, and her brother, Lee (who was also visiting this week).  We all kind of went our own ways in Florence as we wanted to see and do different things for the day and then we went to Casa Cares (the villa where my friend, Lydia works) to stay the night.  We caught the tail end of the Thanksgiving show the staff put on and got to hear Lydia sing some good ole American jazz.

The next morning (Friday) all of us, Lydia, Christina, Lee, Chris and myself went to Venice where a friend of Christina met us and the six of us spent two days enjoying Venice.  Friday afternoon we went to a nearby island known for it's blown glass (Murano) and we searched for the Toso glass making company.  Lydia's last name is Toso and she has heard that it is a pretty well-known name in Venice (as common as Smith) and that they have a Venetian glass business.  Indeed, we found the Toso glass making company, it's factory and it's store and we talked to an long-lost, far-removed Toso cousin.

Then Saturday Lydia and I split from the rest of the group and went to Burano, which is an island famous for it's Venetian lace.  We just wandered from shop to shop and then had a nice long, over two hour Italian lunch before we found our way back to the train station so we could return to our separate cities that night.  It was very nice to catch up and just relax with an old friend.

Rome is getting ready for Christmas.  Some of the larger piazzas have already hung lights and decorated trees, but now the Christmas spirit is working it's way to the smaller streets.  I am excited to see how beautiful and festive the entire city gets.  I only have two weeks of classes left and so it should be becoming crunch time for studying, but all of my roommates and I agree that with our departure from this fabulous city in three weeks, it is going to be near impossible to prioritize studying.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that as December nears, you can take time to enjoy the Christmas season and not become smothered by it.

I love you all.

- B

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