Friday, May 22, 2015

Our Weekend Part 2

After the aquarium on Saturday, Hubby and I went out to dinner -- a glorious, relaxing, simple dinner of not worrying that our toddler would suddenly melt-down or leave a mess for the wait staff.  Then we came back to the hotel to enjoy time without a toddler... and then watched Netflix and fell asleep early.

On Sunday, we SLEPT IN -- and "sleeping in" has changed... we slept until 8:30am, and then heard that Tracey Ann had a great night.

Fun with Geepa Miller

After I ran on the treadmill, Hubby and I enjoyed a Sunday brunch, ran some errands around Denver, and then headed to the Alan Jackson concert.

It was hysterical to observe which couples at the concert were married, and which were on dates.  The forecast was 50* and rain, and those who were married were bundled up and prepared for rain.  Those who were on dates were dressed in very cute outfits -- and not at all prepared for rain or cold.

As happy, boring, married people, we were prepared for rain and cold.  We looked cute before the rain started... but once the rain began, we bundled up, looked funny, and stayed warm.

Before rain...

Ready for the rain

I'm not usually so coordinated... but we saw the forecast when we were at Ikea, and we bought ponchos and an umbrella

A gorgeous rainbow shown after the rain -- we could see the whole thing and it was right across the stage

Only in Colorado would you see a sign like this

Alan Jackson

What a great concert

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