Sunday, May 17, 2015

Old and Boring and...

Hubby and I are officially Old and Boring and... Incredibly Happy.

We came down to Denver this weekend for an Alan Jackson concert, which is tonight, but what initially was just supposed to be a nice concert ended up being a very special romantic weekend while Tracey Ann is with her grandparents.

Hubby's parents flew in from St. Louis Saturday morning and we are all staying in the same hotel, but Tracey Ann is with them this weekend.

So, as of 11:00am on Saturday, what did Hubby and I do with our freedom?  He took a nap and I took a relaxing bath... and then we immediately wanted to tag along with Tracey Ann and her grandparents while they went to the Denver aquarium.

After the aquarium, we separated from Tracey Ann and the grandparents and went out for a romantic dinner.  We, party animals that we are, were back at the hotel ready to crawl in bed at 6:45pm.  I know... we are officially very old and boring.  But, we are so happy, and we absolutely love our life as parents of our precious toddler.

With anything and everything we could have done in Denver with our night away from parenthood... we wanted nothing more than to back to the hotel, play a movie on Netflix, and enjoy our take-out dessert from the Cheesecake Factory.

It appropriately reminds me of Alan Jackson's song, Just Anther Day In Paradise, which I really hope he sings for us tonight.  Life, regular life with bills, and babies, and burnt dinners, and cuddling in bed... that is another day in paradise.  Paradise is not sipping margaritas on the beach -- although that is a nice vacation from time to time.  No, regular life with my husband and toddler, with a special weekend with wonderful grandparents in town to love on her, and a little romantic time with my hubby, is paradise.

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