Monday, March 9, 2015

Lost Items

I never had a younger sibling, and hadn't ever been around a toddler with any degree of regularity.  Therefore, I must confess, I never understood how mothers always seem to have lost items.  I used to read those Facebook posts about how the mother's wallet was missing for days and then she found it in the baby's crib... or how one shoe ended up in the laundry basket and its mate found its way under the sink.  I never understood...

OH, but NOW I DO!!!

Tracey Ann has just gotten the hang of walking, and immediately began walking with items in her hands.  She has been able to crawl with items in her hands for a very long time, but it slowed her down a little.

It seems the very moment I see her with something (a shoe, my wallet, the container of vitamins, my hairbrush, the diaper bag...) and think to myself, "Sure, she can have that for a minute," within seconds, the item has either disappeared, or is being dropped into the trash, or the diaper pail, or has rolled under the couch, or (if she has the diaper bag) the contents are suddenly all over the floor and she's picking through the contents and walking away with anything that looks fun.  If I didn't happen to look over at the moment, I would NEVER know where that item mysterious went.

... And the scary part is that Tracey Ann isn't to the age of actually TRYING to hide items yet.  She simply wants to hold the item... and then loses interest or thinks she helping or copies what I do (like throwing items in the trash).  Eventually (before I know it), she will be at an age where she actually is TRYING to hide things.

Mothers, I am sorry I judged you and wondered how in the world your items went missing.  Now, I completely understand.

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