Sunday, March 29, 2015

24 Hour Date

During this week of Spring Break, Hubby and I took a 24 hour date.

We took Tracey Ann to her nanny's house on Friday afternoon with a LOT of accessories -- high chair, stroller, pack n play, diapers, clothes, sleepers, books, a bath tub, food, bibs, cups, milk, car seat and more.

Our nanny knows Tracey Ann very well, which is such a comfort to us, but we have never spent the night away from Tracey Ann.  Even when we've gone out for the evening, we are always home to put her to bed, so I came armed with a LONG list of points to cover regarding her bedtime routine.

All in all, Tracey Ann had a great time -- possibly a little less sleep than normal, but I guess that's the mark of a good slumber party.

And, Hubby and I had a wonderful 24 hour date.

We both got showered and dressed up and went out to dinner (and Hubby brought me roses)...

Then to see a local high school play, The Musical Shrek. 

Check out that dragon... the costumes and sets were awesome.

Lord Farquod was hysterical -- played by the actor on his knees for the entire show

Then, we got a REALLY good night sleep, we slept in, and then went out to breakfast, and went on a hike.


Lloyd kept looking for the mud and snow to cool down.

We didn't do anything major, but you really don't realize how much your baby impacts you activity until you have 24 hours without the baby.  Suddenly, we weren't concerned with snack times, nap times, bedtime routines, or diaper bags.

We LOVE our daughter so much and we wouldn't trade anything for all the accessories and hassle of having her with us -- but we both admitted how good it was for our marriage to have a 24 hour date.  We are going to try to make this a priority every month or two moving forward.

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