Monday, March 30, 2015

Bests and Worsts Spring Break 2015

Spring Break Bests and Worsts:

 Worsts (because its better to end with the Bests):
  • the two nights Hubby did grad school
  • the fact our dishes, laundry, dog hair, and dust didn't go on vacation
  • the fact our house looks a little disastrous after our week at home

  •  24 hour date night with Hubby (dinner, a musical, sleeping late, breakfast out, and a hike)
  • playing tennis with Hubby -- Tracey Ann toddled around the court while we played which added a new dimension to the skill required
  • going on several runs and feeling like I'm getting my running endurance back little by little
  • renting several movies with Hubby -- I think the best one was Maleficent, which I enjoyed more than I was expecting
  • Hubby and me getting hair cuts
  • going to the shooting range with Hubby after a nice walk in that area
  • knowing the Hubby got some grad school work done
  • relaxing at home with Hubby
In sum, we had an absolutely wonderful week staying at home, enjoying our baby girl, reconnecting in our marriage, getting out enjoying Springtime, and rejuvenating ourselves for the last 9 weeks of the school year.

We may never travel for Spring Break again. 
Staying home was WONDERFUL!

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