Sunday, March 15, 2015

Can I Just Say...

Sometimes I get tired of pretending... sometimes I just want to call a spade a spade.

Can I just say... ever since Tracey Ann arrived, 13.5 months ago, I have been craving sugar like never before.  Apparently it is normal to crave sugar and fatty foods while nursing -- although experts seem to be split as to whether a mother craves sugar and fats due to nursing or do to sleep deprivation, but it is normal to have these cravings.

However, I had a sweet tooth BEFORE postpartum life.  I ALREADY struggled with sugar cravings, and can I just say, I am SOOOO tired of wanting sugar.

I am so tired of fighting the urge to eat sugar at every meal.

Yes, I admit it -- my body (and my mind) wants sugar at every meal.

Add to that the fact that excess sugar is added to so many processed American foods... Add to that, we are in the middle of March, which is always a hard month for me...
Add to that, I am six days away from Spring Break, and ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED...

I am craving sugar ALL. THE. TIME.

Hopefully I will have a follow-up post about how I am over-coming my desire for sugar... but for today, I just have to admit how difficult this is.

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