Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just For Fun...

Last night I took some blog quizzes just for fun... I was trying to sort of step back and give my mind a break... but some quizzes were a little more reality-based than I had hoped:

You Aren't Ready to Buy a Home
Your life isn't quite stable enough to buy a home right now.
You're not exactly sure where life will take you... and you don't need a mortgage tying you down.
Enjoy your freedom, and don't despair about not owning a home.
You're free to live where ever you want - so take advantage of that!

You Are Autumn
You are thoughtful and warm-hearted. You get the most in life from giving back.
You are people focused and extroverted. You know what's going on in everyone else's life.

You are needed and wanted. People truly value you, and you would be missed if you weren't around.
You are caring and compassionate. Your heart goes out to the world.

You Are Mud Pie
You're the perfect combo of flavor and depth.
You are overpowering and dominant - and that's what people like about you.
You bring energy and a new direction to most interactions.
People crave you in a serious way. You're that important to them.

Those who like you give into their impulses.
You don't represent reason. You represent pure temptation.
People get addicted to you rather easily.
You offer people a dark side that is very hard to resist.

You Are Book Smart
While book smarts aren't as respected these days as street smarts, being book smart is a very good thing.
You have a lot of information stored in that brain of yours. You usually have something helpful to add to any situation.

You love to read, and you're constantly looking things up. And when you apply your knowledge, you usually succeed the first time.
You believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right, and you don't mind taking your time to gather all the facts.

You Are a Treadmill
You are dedicated, conscientious, and hard working. When you make a plan, you tend to stick to it.
You do best with routine and structure. You like to have every hour in the day accounted for if possible.

You don't mind hard work, in fact, there's little else that makes you feel more satisfied.
You love to chart your progress and see how far you have come. Given enough time, you feel like you can accomplish almost anything.

You prefer the known to the unknown in life, even if it's a bit boring. Consistency is important to you.
If something works, you tend to stick to it. Life is difficult enough without having to reinvent the wheel.

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